The Sugar Got the Best of Me.

keto sugar

Like I promised, Keto with Jessika is the good, the bad and the worst! πŸ€£πŸ™ˆβ€οΈ


Sooo.....I was doing SO FREAKING WELL....for the first 14 days and 8 hours. I was down 16lbs and had so much more energy.

Then, I was sitting there unsupervised and got the urge. It seriously flowed through my body like new life. I felt it everywhere: I needed sugar. STAT!

I tried to resist, but I texted my husband who was on his way home from work.

β€œI need gas station blondies!”

He, so very encouragingly sent me a 🀨 face and said how well I was doing...

BUT, little did he know that he took too long to respond so I LITERALLY ran my ass down to the MF gas station, in the MF rain.

The next 15 minutes seemed like a blur.

Between skipping back home(still raining), and very much braless, because, well...a bra couldn’t wait for these gas station blondies) I didn’t stop at just 1
blondie. Hell, 2 blondies would have been acceptable....


I, uh....feel like shit, today. No more cheat days for me as this is what led me into my 3 blondie debacle.

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