What the Flaxseed is Keto?

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Yup. That is EXACTLY what I said when I first heard about this keto thing. What the flaxseed is keto? 

Our bodies store and burn glucose as our main energy form. Usually, you get glucose from all of those delicious sugary foods, grains, bread, fruit and starchy foods. If we don't use the glucose as energy, it is then stored in our body and turns into glycogen.

When our bodies don't have the glucose to burn as energy, it starts to pull from our stored fat *YAY*!!! When this process happens, our liver will take the stored fat and break it down into glucose. Ketones are the byproduct of this process. The 3 main ketone bodies are called: Acetoacetate, Acetate & Beta-hydroxybutrate(BHB.) After your body starts producing these ketones, it will then use it as energy. 

 Surprisingly, the length of time in which your body uses fat instead of glucose as energy, can take as little as a couple of days as long as you are following your macros. Once your body has switched gears to using fat as energy, this is called, "ketosis." 

Macronutrients(macros) are what you call your carb, protein & fat intake as a whole. For example, I look at my macros(my carb, protein & fat), before each meal. I do this to make sure that I am on track with my overall goal. 


Be back soon with more info! 

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